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Apr, 143:17 pm


was taken in regards to the CBdAA request for Ontario to host the National Show in 2015. A split vote with thirteen in favor, and twelve opposed was the result. The result of this vote was intended to give the new Board of Directors some direction on how to approach this request. While there was no guest speaker on hand this year, many found the added time a great chance to create general chatter amongst the group, or catch up with those they had not seen or talked to in quite some time.

The ever popular mini auction was once again a hit. It should come as no surprise that with the increased number of members came an increased number of auction items. Some ever classic bidding wars took place, with the two Amigo’s, Paul Fee and Nicholas Boyd locking horns for the famous “Never Used” Pitch Fork. In the end, Nicholas outwitted Paul who ended up the winning bidder, taking his third tour of duty with the prized fork. Special thanks to Gary Young for making sure the Fork was in attendance even though he unfortunately could not be there. Another big hit was Ian Kruis “50 Shades of Grey” Peacock feathers. While not a top seller, this item managed to drum up those most laughter and one liners. In total, the mini auction was able to raise $1303 for the association. Thanks to all who donated and purchased items.

Sadly, the Board said goodbye to three well respected members who opted not to run in 2015. Ashley McNevan’s terms was up, and after being very involved, Ashley decided to take a year off. As most have watched her grow up in the breed, we all know how hard working and involved Ashley has made herself. She serves as a Director on the Canadian Board, while chasing around her young daughter, managing a cow herd and working with a large horse herd. Its an unfortunate loss for our breed, but Ashley will remain active at all of the events including in the show ring, while taking a much deserved break from stretching herself thin. Thank you Ashley for all of your hardwork and dedication. Your skills, knowledge and drive will be sorely missed on the Board.

Dennis Elliott also opted not to return in 2015 to the Board. Dennis entered the breed after winning a Raffle Heifer, quickly becoming active and growing a powerful herd, with some of the top females and well known bull Arshas Polled Trooper who recently had a bull sired by him sell for $50,000. Along with his wife Debbie, the two have served on the Board in various aspects for a number of years, doing thankless amounts of work. This past year Dennis was the Vice President for the Assoication, while Debbie continued to be our fantastic treasurer. Actively involved with two breeds, Im sure both will enjoy their new found free time. As constant leaders who got stuff done, their prompt and organized work will be greatly missed moving forward. On behalf of the membership, thank you Dennis and Debbie for all you have done. We look forward to continue to see you around at the various events.

Former President Dave McNevan will also not be returning in 2015. A driving force within the breed and catalyst for new ideas over the years, Dave brought his vast knowledge and leadership back to the breed for 2014. It would be hard to argue that Dave has not been the face of the breed in Ontario for 30 plus years, doing tireless work in the show and sales ring. In speaking with Dave he felt it was time to turn the reigns over to a newer generation, who brought fresh ideas and initiatives to meet up with todays demands. He said he would remain just a phone call away, for anyone who needed help with anything. On behalf of the entire membership, we would like to thank Dave for his ongoing efforts, promoting and supporting the breed in a number of ways. We look forward to seeing Dave at the numerous Association functions and around the sales barn.

Please make sure to look at the Current Board of Directors page to become up to date with your new Board and their positions. As per the request at the AGM, all Board Minutes have become password protected. If you are a member in good standing, please contact Nicholas Boyd or Steven Acres for the password so you can view the Minutes.

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Apr, 143:16 pm


The OBdAA is pleased to announce that Ontario will host the 2015 Blonde d’Aquitaine National Show. With dwindling membership in other regions, the regular rotation has been hard to achieve, with a heavey workload and the amount of volunteer dedication required. Upon the request of the CBdAA President Dave Kamelchuk for Ontario to consider hosting, and with a split vote at the Ontario AGM on this matter, the 2015 Board made the decision to go ahead and accept the offer.

Many factors were considered both for and against hosting the National by the Board, with all concerns being equally weighted and deliberated upon. In the end, general consensus was that we must do what is best for the membership we represent (that being Ontario), so hosting the National Show and Sale would allow our membership the best exposure and advertisement of their cattle. It should be noted that Ontario also accounts for over two-thirds of the entire Canadian membership, with a larger number of these members beginning to join the show circuit over the last few years. While many understand that there’s very little money in showing, it must not be forgotten that the National is the best of the best, and there still is a sense of achievement and pride associated with winning this event. Given the ever increasing costs across the board, holding the National event in Ontario allows the majority of our membership to attend, while keeping travel and other expenses down as l!
ow as possible. Hosting our annual Cream of the Crop in conjunction with the National show also allows us to bring as many purebred breeders together nationwide at one time, while hopefully attracting a number of commercial buyers interested in purchasing blonde genetics.

As of yet, no venue or date has been chosen for the National Show and Sale but various options are being considered. Be sure to check both the Ontario and Canadian website in the coming weeks for important updates as more information becomes available.

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Mar, 278:00 am


The Ottawa Valley Farm Show was held from March 10-12, 2015 and with the gracious efforts of the Ferguson family, the Ontario Blonde d’Aquitaine Association had a booth set up for all three days. Visitors to the pavilion had a wide selection of booths to see with Angus, Ayshire, Bison, Hereford, Holstein, Piedmontese, Rare Breeds, Shorthorn and Simmental all being represented. Missing from the Farm Show this year were the Charolais and Limousin. The Blonde and Piedmontese proved to be the most popular booths during the three day event.

A special event at the Farm Show this year featured a competition between each booth to display past and present 4H pictures. Phillip Ferguson took to the task and built a small, portable display unit fully equipped with wheels so it could turn for easy viewing. Sounds like Phillip is going to follow in his fathers footsteps. The OBdAA would like to thank Phillip for graciously undertaking this project of building and putting together our 4H stand. There should also be an big thank you extended to Eric Doran, Ashley McNevan, Paul Fee and Samantha Ferguson for providing recent 4H pictures, as well as Don Dunham and Nicholas Boyd for providing 4H pictures from the past to help create this amazing display. The judges were surprised and very impressed with how many kids were and are showing Blondes. For the combine efforts, our 4H display took 1st place in the competition and the Association was awarded a small monetary prize.

Paul, Mary-Ellen and Phillip were left with the undaunting task of attracting all the visitors towards the booth, as Samantha had work commitments and could not attend the show this year. It appeared as if this could be a big blow since we all know Samantha has no problem reeling them in with her charm and that…… smile! But alas, backup arrived as Dave Payne (Bar K Farms) and Bill Reid (Cedar Ridge Cattle) came to the rescue to help work the display booth. It goes without saying that there were many laughs and fun times shared amongst all the volunteers. With kids being in school this year during the Farm Show, crowds were not as big as in previous years. Many people stayed at their workplaces, when normally they would be off for March Break and able to attend the show. Even with the smaller numbers, people still lined up to buy Raffle Heifer Tickets, one person bought a hat and others signed up to be on our mailing list for the Blonde Connection.

On behalf of the OBdAA we would like to thank the Ferguson family, Paul, Mary-Ellen, Samantha and Phillip for their continued dedication and hard work to help promote the breed. We would also like to extend a big thanks to Dave Payne and Bill Reid who graciously volunteered their time to attend the event and represent our breed and Association.


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